Professional Pool Deck Paver Installation Services in Northern Florida


The quality of your pool deck can make or break your summertime pool experience. Cracked, slippery, or damaged pool decks can not only look and feel unpleasant to walk on, but they can also pose serious hazards to your family and your guests. No homeowner wants their fun afternoon to end in injury! Our Experts at SafeBase Foundation Repair & Contcrete Leveling specialize in transforming old, damaged, and worn out pool decks into a safe and beautiful environment for you and your family to enjoy the summer. Our pavers allow you to customize your pool deck in a safe, reliable, and cost effective way. You'll be grateful for the comfort and style your new pool deck will offer.

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The Best Time To Install

Many homeowners ask our experts, "When is the best time to install pool deck pavers?". Often our experts will recommend installing pool deck pavers if you have been experiencing problems with your current pool deck. Installing concrete brick pavers can be a great alternative to concrete repair or resurfacing for your pool deck. When a pool deck becomes damaged or has settled it can cause serious tripping hazards for children and adults. In addition to this, leaving a damaged pool deck untreated will allow water to enter the cracks possibly causing more settlement. Our experts recommend you prevent this damage by designing and installing a new pool deck with concrete pavers.

If you are looking to completely transform the appearance of your pool deck, pavers are a cost-effective solution. Rather than installing expensive stone or attractive concrete, you can achieve a stone-like appearance with pavers in different colors and styles. The trick is picking complementary colors then to vary the size and pattern of the pavers. Our experts at SafeBase Foundation Repair & Concrete Leeling can also install brand new pool decks using pavers, so even if you pool has just been put you can plan ahead and get the pool deck you have always wanted.

Preventing Soil Issues

When our team installs a pool deck, we will perform a full inspection of your property and the soil underneath the pool deck to determine the condition and needs of the install. At times there may be soil settlement issues to resolve, such as a small sinkhole or poorly compacted fill soils, before your pool deck can be installed. Before starting on any work, we will make sure the soil beneath your pool deck will provide a solid support structure in the future.

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There are a number of important factors to consider when having a paver pool deck installed, which is why it is a process best left to a professional. SafeBase Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling has the tools and experience needed to ensure that your pool deck is level and installed on a solid base. We can perform all the necessary measurements to ensure your pool deck comes out exactly as planned.

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