Professional Concrete Removal in Northern Florida

Does your property have a concrete slab that has seen better days? When all other options fail, concrete removal may be the only way to take care of aging concrete. Demolition can be a tricky process depending on a wide variety of factors, so it's best left up to a professional.

SafeBase Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling has specialists on-site ready to tackle all of your property's concrete needs. We'll recommend the best method of getting rid of concrete around your home, and we'll carry out all work needed in an efficient, affordable manner.

If you'd like to discuss concrete removal further, schedule a free inspection and estimate today! We'll give you a detailed proposal for your property in Tampa, St Petersburg, Orlando, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and throughout the surrounding areas.

Spotting Concrete Damage

Eventually, it might not be worth performing concrete repairs any longer - especially when the same problems emerge time and time again. If any of these situations apply to you, concrete removal can be a more cost-effective option:

  • Sunken or settled concrete. Fixing a sunken slab the first time usually isn't a problem. But if you've noticed repeated sinking and settling, resulting in more deep cracks and uneven slabs, the concrete may need to be removed, replaced, or rethought entirely.
  • Excessive spalling or pitting. Moisture can cause unattractive pits on the surface of concrete. Constantly resurfacing concrete may be more expensive than removing and replacing it in the long run - and you could even invest in a waterproof seal for your new slab to prevent the same problem from occurring.
  • Changing a property layout. If you're building an addition, tearing down a structure like a garage, or if your town is making improvements like road widening, current concrete slabs might be in the way. We can help remove concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, floors, and more to make room around your property.

How We Remove Concrete

Depending on the size and scope of your demolition needs, SafeBase Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling can employ a variety of techniques for concrete cutting and removal. Some offer precision and minimal disturbance to surrounding areas, while others are designed for maximum impact.

For example, mechanical or chemical pressure bursting splits concrete in a controlled way, making it much easier to remove by hand or crane. This method limits noise, dust, and debris. Pneumatic and hydraulic breakers are usually used to handle concrete foundations or pavement. On the other end of the spectrum, the well-known ball and crane method can take care of larger concrete structures in areas where flying debris isn't a concern.