Professional Concrete Slab Pouring in Northern Florida

Whether it takes the form of a short walkway or the vast floor of a giant warehouse, a concrete slab is meant to provide safe, solid support day after day. But to deliver on this promise, a slab has to be built right from the start. Some contractors can meet slab construction requirements better than others.

SafeBase Foundation Repair and Concrete Leveling is Northern Florida's experienced and trusted concrete slab contractor. Our customers choose us for our quality concrete slab construction and repair and top-notch customer service.

Concrete Pouring

A good concrete slab can be necessary for anything from a patio to a industrial complex. It is expected to support a huge variety of weights and different types of objects and materials, so every step of the installation process must be handled with care.

Pouring a concrete slab generally starts with preparing the sub base, ensuring that it is cleared and compacted to properly support the weight of the concrete to come. The form is set next, which will contain and shape the concrete and is usually made out of wood.

Concrete is then poured into the form, and then the finishing process of smoothing out or texturing the concrete begins. Finally, the concrete is left to cure until it is ready for normal use!

SafeBase Foundation Repair and Concrete Leveling will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your concrete is poured and cured without any complications. Our professionals know how to install even, sturdy concrete that's resistant to cracks and settlement. We'll help you create a concrete slab that will last for years to come!

Why Choose Us?

Smart slab design. Design details such slab thickness, reinforcement, formwork and finishing must be responsive to site conditions and to end-use requirements.

High-quality concrete. Characteristics such as strength, slump, curing time and resistance to freezing are important considerations in many slab construction projects. The concrete supplier achieves specific batch requirements by varying the ratio of mix ingredients and utilizing different additives. But this only happens when there’s good communication between the contractor and the concrete supplier.

Excellent craftsmanship. From excavation and form construction, to placement, finishing and final site cleanup, it makes a huge difference when skilled people are doing the work. At L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc., we take pride in the high level of craftsmanship that goes into every job.