Professional Sinkhole Repair Services in Central Florida

Most homeowners in Florida know that sinkholes are a major problem and can pop up anywhere. Photos of backyards and whole homes disappearing in large craters are usually what comes to mind when we hear the word. However, in most cases sinkholes are much less dramatic. They usually present themselves first as crack in foundations, walls, pools, and driveways. If the underlying problem is not addressed, the damage becomes worse with time

SafeBase Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling is the company that professional firms and homeowners rely on the most for emergency sinkhole repairs. Our repair team is able to repair any sinkhole in the northern half of Florida to stabilize and repair any emergency dropout. Sinkholes have always been present in florida due to the sandy soil conditions. With the increase in population and rapid construction growth property damage due to sinkholes is increasing. If you see signs of a sinkhole on your property do not hesitate to call an expert.

We specialize in stabilizing sinkholes and repairing foundation damaged caused by dropouts. To request an inspection and estimate in Tampa, St Petersburg, Orlando, and the surrounding Central Florida areas call or contact us today.

What Are Sinkholes

Sinkholes are depressions that form in the land that are created by the displacement of soil, or groundwater circulation, that causes voids or cavities to form underneath the once stabil topsoil. Sinkholes are found in the general landscape of many regions in the U.S. and are caused when the surface soil sinks or falls into these underground voids. These voids may be man-made, such as when an aquifer is drained completely, or natural, such as a cave or cracks that occur when water erodes the bedrock underneath the soil.

There are three main types of sinkholes: solution sinkholes, subsidence sinkholes, and cover-collapse sinkholes:

  • Solution Sinkholes: These sinkholes occur when there is a thin cover of soil over limestone. This limestone is then eroded by rainwater and shallow sinkholes gradually start to form.

  • Subsidence Sinkholes: This form of sinkhole occurs when the soil lair is mostly sand. Cavities can occur due to the erosion of limestone causing the sand to filter into the voids.

  • Cover-Collapse Sinkholes: These sinkholes occur where the soil layer is deep and more cohesive than sand. The cohesive soil, often clay bridges voids that form below them until the weight of the soil is too great. This is the type of sinkhole most commonly portrayed in media due to its rapid collapse and sudden appearance.

What Causes Sinkhole Activity

Sinkhole activity may be triggered by construction, heavy rains, or anything that adds excess weight to the soil. The resulting depressions may occur rapidly or slowly over many years, both can cause significant property damage and pose a major risk to the safety of those around them.

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If a sinkhole does occur on your property, ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Mark the sinkhole area with tape and signage to warn others. Evacuate if necessary. Notify your insurance company and the building department of your municipality. Then call SafeBase Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling to help you assess the damage. Under no circumstances should you try to fill the hole yourself. Sinkholes are a direct route to the underground water supply below. By filling the hole with compost or trash, you can easily contaminate your water supply.

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